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About us

Company name: ŠROT GEBESHUBER s.r.o.
Registered office:

Kobylnická 457

664 52 Sokolnice
(Brno-venkov district, Jihomoravský/South-Moravian region)

IČO/DIČ: 49434004 / CZ49434004
Legal status: Limited company
Commercial register: Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Inset 11782
Business activities: Waste management.
Disassembly and recycling of metal structures, disassembly of building constructions.
Trading business.
Statutory body: Jiří Kelbl, executive head


Gusswerkstrasse 9

4400 Steyr


Investment: CZK 30.000.000

Sokolnice Plant

Kobylnická 457

664 52 Sokolnice

(Brno-venkov district, Jihomoravský/South-Moravian region)


IČP 1000295192

IČZÚJ: 583898

ORP: 6216


Paskov Plant

Paskov 807

739 21 Paskov-Oprechtice

(Ostrava - Frýdek-Místek territory, Moravskoslezský/North-Moravian region)


IČP 1000295214

IČZÚJ: 598569

ORP: 8106


Dolní Lhota Plant

Dolní Lhota 200

678 01 Blansko

(Blansko, South-Moravian region)


IČP 1000295206

IČZÚJ: 581283

ORP: 6201


Kroměříž Plant

Na Sádkách 3470

767 01 Kroměříž

(Kroměříž, Zlínský region)


IČP 1000295222

IČZÚJ: 588296

ORP: 7203

CZ-NACE: 383200
DUNS: 366955438

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