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Purchase and collection

Buys and collects ferrous and non-ferrous scrap (iron, non-ferrous metals, smelting materials), recycles scrap metals and processes secondary raw materials from businesses as well as individuals.

Container collection

Collects and hauls scrap in containers as requested by manufacturing plants, municipalities or communities.


Sells recycled scrap to customers, especially as a charging stock to metallurgical works in the Czech Republic as well as EU.

Environmentally friendly processing and disposal

Carries out sorting and ecological processing and recycling of metal scrap to a stock suitable for metal charges. By disposing of metal waste the Company contributes to the protection of the environment.

Metal waste disposal services

Disposes of metal wastes/dumps using mobile equipment in the field.

Demolition / dismantling

Carries out demolitions/dismantling in places with metal waste occurrence (both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap).

Disposal of car wrecks

At the Kroměříž plant it takes over the car wrecks and carries out their ecological disposal, including the issue of a certificate of receipt of the vehicle.




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